The Beagle Boys Pawprint Door Dog Mat



The Beagle Boys Pawprint Door Dog Mat

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More About The Beagle Boys Pawprint Door Dog Mat

Let this dog mat stand guard for your clean floors by placing it at the doors your pet is most likely to trot in and out of. This super-absorbent, microfiber dog mat soaks up all of the outdoor gunk, mud and water your pet is likely to pick up. Specifically designed for pet use, it also dries much quicker than a standard door dog mat would. Available in both chocolate brown and in a gray paw print design, it blends in with your décor while also functioning as a paw-friendly towel for your pet. •Keeps messy paw prints from getting all over your home •Soaks up to 7x its weight in water / mud •Dries 5x quicker than ordinary door dog mats Size Dimensions One Size 30"W x 21"H

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