Halloween Costumes for Cats

Halloween Costumes for Cats - Pet productsAre you looking to dress your furry feline in a festive costume this Halloween? Choices abound, from elaborate capes, hats, and other accessories, to simple spiced-up collars or handkerchiefs.

Generally, the more accessorized and large the costume is, however, the more stressed and reluctant your cat will be to keep up the guise. Be respectful of your cat’s specific tolerance to costumes. Some don’t mind at all, while others become very irritated by any clinging addition to their furry selves. But most cats will at least give you enough time to snap a photo.

If you want to purchase a pre-made costume, there are several elaborate options. Whether you see your cat as a princess, witch, pirate, fairy, or sailor, you can find these costumes easily at any pet costume online store.

If you are looking for creative ways to dress your cat in the Halloween spirit using items from home, you’ll save the extra money for a $15 costume that your cat will only tolerate for a couple seconds. Plus, the process of handcrafting your kitten’s own Halloween costume may even be more fun.

Here are several cute suggestions:

Dye one of your old handkerchiefs orange and tie it around kitty’s neck. Use an old party hat and paint it blue with yellow stars for a very wizened old wizard cat. Or cut a baby onesie to fit the body of your cat and decorate it with splashes of paint, then hot glue a small paint brush to the side or back, for a purrfect painter’s garb. The onesie can be orange like a pumpkin or red with black dots like a ladybug. If you’ve got one of the lazy types, carry your cat around in an oversized top hat—Cat in the Hat! For a very feminine feline, dress her up in a baby doll dress, maybe with even a frilly night cap. For a more luxurious and removable costume, wrap a feather boa around Miss Kitty; you can even add to the look by placing colorful or fluffy hair bands around her dainty ankles.


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