Medium Dog Carriers

Medium Dog Carriers - Pet productsWhat is the most popular accessory today? No, it’s not a strand of pearls or a cell phone. It’s a dog! You’ve probably seen everyone from Paris Hilton to your next-door neighbor with a little dog on they’re arm. And why not! Dogs are cute, they’re friendly and best of all you can take them with you almost anywhere! The most convenient way to transport your pooch is with a medium dog carrier.

Medium dog carriers come in a variety of styles to suit every occasion! Some come in leather, fabric, and personalized. So whether you’re on your way to the beach or going to a dinner party you can find the medium dog carrier that will not only look great but will keep your doggie comfortable to the trip!

Medium dog carriers aren’t only attractive they are also functional. Safety experts agree that whenever you leave your house with your pet, you should have some type of restraint that keeps Fido in one place in the car. Carriers are good to use even when traveling short distances. Remember, many accidents happen within several miles of your home. You should also consider bringing water. There are some great portable water bottles for pets on the market.

In order for your dog to have a good transportation experience experts advise that you take out your medium dog carrier long before your trip and introduce it to your pet. Let Daisy spend time in it, so she's not afraid of it. An enclosed product might actually be best for some dogs that are scared by a lot of sights and sounds.

You know your pet best. If you know that your doggie gets anxious or doesn’t do well away from familiar surroundings it may be best to keep Powder home. However if you and your dog enjoy spending as much time as possible together regardless of local medium dog carriers may be just the fashion accessory of the season for you!

Pet Travel Tips:

1. If you are traveling by car, make sure your air conditioning is working properly and that you use it while driving. Don't roll down the windows and let your dog hang its head out of the window, and never have your pet in the back of a truck.
2. Purchase an appropriate carrier for your pet, depending on its size and how you will travel. The carrier you choose should allow the pet to stand up, turn around and lay down comfortably, and should be free of any interior protrusions that could injure your pet in travel.
3. Pack a relaxed attitude. This is supposed to be fun for you and your pet.
4. Make sure your pet is physically able to travel. If the pet is older, if it is very young and not well trained yet, or if it has been sick or at the vet a lot, reconsider your position. Your dog or cat may be better off in familiar surroundings with a loving pet sitter than on unfamiliar turf at this time.

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