Pit Bull


Pit Bull  - Dog Supplies puppy supplies cat accessories  online pet store online pet shop dog crates and carriersThe pit bull is a medium-sized dog with broad shoulders and powerful muscles. There are two general kinds of pit bulls. The first are the larger, "gamey" pit bulls of which most are American Pit Bull Terriers, and are taller and more slender. The second are more compact pit bulls, often the American Staffordshire Terriers, which tend to be shorter, thicker, with blockier heads and stubbier legs.
Height: as short as 16 inches, as tall as 22 inches
Weight: 30-70 lbs - NO MORE
Life Span: 11-13 yrs

Coat Colors: Red, white, "blue", black, brown, brindle, or a combination. Multiple colors in the coat, including spots and stripes, are common.

Face: Often has a blocky appearance due to powerful jaw muscles. Contrary to popular myth, pit bulls do not have "locking" jaws, but strong muscles and persistence combine to create this illusion. Ears are sometimes cropped (this practice is common in the U.S. although many vets are beginning to refuse to perform such cosmetic surgery. It is not necessary to meet the breed standard and is also illegal in many countries).

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